After lots of hard fun and deep learning, the ladder ball stands were finally complete. It was time to deliver them to our client, the MVPS PE Department. We disassembled the stands – being able to take the stands apart was a key design component we were given – to bring them down to the Founders Campus Gym.

When we got there we took some time explaining how the stands worked, putting them together and making sure that the coaches knew how to do so as well.

There was one surprise that the coaches weren’t expecting – a crate to organize all of the bolas that we made. The ropes holding the bolas together could be placed within a piece of PVC pipe that had a slit cut down the length of it. The pipes were big enough to hold multiple bolas each. Each pipe fit into some cutouts that we placed into a wooden frame made of 2x4s. Each frame stacked upon another allowing for fairly compact storage… and easy distribution to all of the bolas to some anxiously awaiting students!

With Coach Woods’ gratitude for a job well done, we helped disassemble the racks again and bring them into the equipment storage room. That might have been the biggest highlight of the trip… the student don’t normally get to go in that room :-)

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