A new job came our way from the PE department after our success with the ladder ball stands – corn hole boards! If you’ve every placed corn hole, you know that bean bags are what get tossed from board to board. In order to make bean bags, we needed fabric.

But the fabric comes in big sections measured in yards. In order to make smaller sections, we used a rolling cutter to make long strips of from the fabric. Then to make even smaller sections, we used a cardboard template to make these pieces as uniform as possible.

The students organized themselves into a number of different “assembly lines” to help share the work load. Tables were pushed together to set up an area for cutting the smallest sections. The open space on the floor became the work area for cutting the largest sections of fabric into strips.

There was plenty of work to be done, and the right number of students to each have a contributing role to play… but there was still a chance to have an all important laugh break. The question still remains unanswered – Does the big fabric sheet make a better cape, or a better blanket? :-)

Knowing this job would be handed off to the next class, student began to automatically organize their creations so that they could more easily share the details of the what needed to be done. This was a great win from the ladder ball project where the “hand-off” idea was first introduced.


Your turn. Any thoughts to share?