After a week of tinkering with the digital photo-editing app Pixlr to create color splashes, learning how to download, upload and manage files on the Mac OS, getting a first taste of the importance of file name extensions, and even getting a few laps in with a digital camera in order to compose pictures using the Rule of Thirds, students were excited to head out onto the MVPS Founders Campus to create a digital piece of art that was all their own.

Classes visited different spaces like the Kindergarten Commons and their classroom. They went outside to the Courtyard were Fall displays were put up to bring a taste of autumn to the School. Some classes went to the Frontier, our outdoor learning space, while others walked to the front of the school to see what potential there was for photographs.

Once the pictures were taken, it was time to head back to Studio(i) to download the images and start editing them. The pace was fast and furious, but only because the students were anxious to see if they could create the artwork they had envisioned when they looked through the camera. Meticulous attention to detail – craftsmanship – was on full display as students leveraged the tools at their disposal to make their vision real: zooming in to see their photo up close and changing brushes to ensure they could bring color into the nooks and crannies of their images. And when it was time for peers to critique their work, craftsmanship – both good and bad instances – were the most frequently referenced trait.

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