Before we could do any of our serious work involving creating our own color splashes from our own images, we needed to do a little bit of practice. Get a “first lap in”, if you would… :-)

Taking good pictures for color splashes takes requires a few things:

  • Finding a subject to make “pop”
  • Deciding if the setting will have a “busy background” that the subject would otherwise be lost in, or if a closeup is what you want
  • Compose the picture so that is appealing to the people looking at it

For the last bullet, there was discussion and quick slideshow with examples of the Rule of Thirds.

But that was just the artistic part. There was also a technical part that involved getting the pictures off of the cameras and onto the laptops were we could upload them to Pixlr. With only six cameras to share amongst the entire class, this had to be a skill that the students could execute quickly. And with students being so familiar with cloud-based file storage (MVPS is a Google Apps for Education school), and not device-based storage like back in the good ole’ days… :-)

…they would need a chance to practice all of this, but still in an authentic way. Hence, a lap on the school patio where they could get their “sillies” out and still get feedback on whether they pictures were well composed or if they could successfully move their files around. Just three minutes for picture taking, and 20 minutes for file management. #workedlikeacharm

Some social media associated with the #MakerEd moment…


Your turn. Any thoughts to share?