FamilyPortraitMost important things first:

I am the father of four incredible children.  Each of them has talents beyond compare. The best of which is their ability to make their Dad smile with pride, joy, and love.

I am the husband to an even more amazing wife.  She has been the bedrock of our family.  Her strength, love, and care have made our house the wonderful place that it is… a home.

Text from my page:

A forever learning enthusiast that believes in the innovative and creative potential of students, teachers, administrators, and the school system itself. Actively involved in creating the conditions necessary for the cultivation of modern learning environments – spaces with the opportunity for all learners, child and adult, to reach their fullest potential in an information-saturated and socially-networked world. Constantly searching for ways to build the capacity in others to do what they think they cannot do…

…taking risks along the way, collaborating with others, asking tough questions, challenging preconceived notions, always empowering, and learning from mistakes as I go.

My Moral Responsibility Statement as an Educational Leader:

It is my responsibility to create conditions within my district necessary for the cultivation of 21st century learning environments and opportunities that will allow all learners, child and adult, to reach their fullest potential.  I will ensure that all stake holders have the support, skills, and resources needed so as to empower them to achieve this goal, both individually and collaboratively as a community of life-long learners.  People will know that I encourage:

  1. Prepared risk-taking for instructional endeavors,
  2. Appropriate educational technology usage that enhances instructional best-practices,
  3. Student opportunities to create artifacts that require deeper cognitive rigor to apply their understanding of content,
  4. Creation of diversified personal learning networks for learners and leaders.


And remember, it can’t be all about work… there are far more important things in life.

Your turn. Any thoughts to share?